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Which water bottle is the coldest?

Why You Need a Coldest Water Bottle

When in a hot Summer days, we love to have a water bottle that keeps cold water to drink anywhere anytime.

We would wondering which water bottle is the coldest in the market that we can buy a best coldest water bottle for us?

Let’s what’s the secret behind the coldest water bottle then you can easy to make the purchasing decision.

Why You Need a Coldest Water Bottle

What water bottle keeps water cold?

A water bottle with double walls plus vacuum insulation properities could stop temperature conduction, which is “stainless steel insulated water bottle” also name “thermos flask”, these water bottles can keep our water steady cold for a long day.

How it works?

The vacuum insulation layer between the double walls of water bottle can stop heat conduction from inside to outside, also from outside into inside, that cold water won’t be changed easily in hot or cold environment.

how coldest water bottle works

So which water bottle is the coldest?

If you are wondering which water bottle is the coldest water bottle in the market, we can’t tell you which brand of water bottle is the coldest, but have details to let know you what coldest water bottle you should considering before make purchasing decision:

1. Size

The bigger size water bottle that can fill with more cold water, it means it will take longer time to get warm, but bigger size water bottle is heavier to take, so you need to know where or how you want to use. 

The most popular size is 20 oz. ~ 32 oz. that can fill enough water drink and these stainless steel insulated water bottle can keep water cold for 12 hours up.

2. Bottle Cap

The bottle cap with double walls that could help cold retention performance for your water bottle, here are 3 brands for your reference:

  1. S’well water bottle
  2. Yeti Rambler water bottle
  3. Hydro Flask flex cap water bottle

3. Triple layers

A stainless steel insulated water bottle that claims triple layers, that means it has a additional Copper Shield inside of the water bottle that could improve its cold retention performance for 10~15% in average, that is because its copper layer could reflect heat conduction to eliminate temperature change inside of the water bottle.

How much does it cost to make a metal water bottle

Make custom coldest water bottle

If you want to design and develop custom shape of water bottle that can keep water coldest to sell in the market, you are in the right place to go today, write email or make a call to Ecoway Houseware Limited to start your custom water bottle project with less time and cost but faster delivery.