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What’s So Special About Coldest Water Bottle? How The Coldest Water Bottle so popular?

In the hot Summer season, when you look around in the school, office, party, or on the street, it is easy to find people take a stainless steel insulated water bottle that can keep ice cold water for a full day long to allow you drink coldest water anytime anywhere, what’s so special about the coldest water bottle and why it so popular?

What’s So Special About Coldest Water Bottle? How The Coldest Water Bottle so popular?

All these stainless steel coldest water bottles are made by double walls of stainless steel with vacuum insulation Property, plus copper shield on the surface of stainless steel wall, it could build a great insulated water bottle that keeps water coldest for 24 hours up.

There are lots of brands such as YETI, Hydro Flask, S’well, Iron Flask, The Coldest Water, all these stainless steel insulated water bottles claims have coldest retention by their advance vacuum insulation technology, but the vacuum insulation is not a new technology which was invented by Scottish scientist Sir James Dewar in 1892 as a result of his research in the field of cryogenics and is sometimes called a Dewar flask in his honour. That means other brands’ stainless steel insulated water bottle can do similar thing what a hydro flask water bottle that keeps water hot or cold for hours with the vacuum insulation technology.

So the most special about these coldest water bottle is the high end symbol of water bottle, it is reusable, recyclable, plastic free, toxic free, food safety, environment friendly; plus its great cold retention to satisfy your hydration, the coldest water bottles is getting more and more popular and to be a must have product.

What is vacuum insulated water bottle made of, how it works
What’s special of coldest water bottle

Special and advantages of the stainless steel coldest water bottle:

  1. Keep your cold drink 24 hours up and keep hot coffee warm 12 hours up, the water liquid stays cold for a full day long in hot Summer season.
  2. Easy to hold on hand for your drinking
  3. No need electric or ice pack bag, its vacuum insulation totally eco-friendly
  4. No-Sweat, No condensation at all unlike aluminum bottle, plastic bottle, glass bottle.
  5. Fits in 99% of Cup holders, bike racks, that could make it easy to take it on the go
  6. Powder coating or Rubber coating that is durable and easy to grip for both big & small hand. 
  7. Whole line sizes to fit all your needs perfectly – 9oz. 12oz. 17oz. 20oz. 24oz. 32oz. 64oz. Or 128oz.
  8. Great Durability – it made by durable stainless steel that can last forever if you use and care it well
  9. Odor Resistant -Tight, non-leak screw cap with option for to add a straw cap
  10. Reusable which is the most environment friendly water bottle that help save single use plastic water bottle cup.
  11. Easy to do personalization that is best gift for your girl friend, boy friend, family

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